I’ve had so many friends and family over the past few weeks ask me about VRX Lounge; ‘what is it? What are you doing and why are you doing it? I hope this blog covers a few questions and introduces you to the business a little more.
What does VRX stand for? Well simply; Virtual Reality eXperience and Lounge fit perfectly as a public space in a hotel, theatre or club in which to relax. The principle is to take the VR experience on the road and to get as many people trying my brand of the experience as possible. I want you to try it and be blown away like we are by the experience!
Virtual Reality is a totally unique platform and it doesn’t matter how many pages I write to convince you of the marvel that this technology is, seeing really is believing.

Personally, I am a bit of a techno nerd and I’ve waited years to try the equipment. I constantly read articles about up and coming technology in unnecessary amounts of detail. VR popped up on the radar when it was nothing but schematics on the web. My awakening came in July 2016 when I saw a post pop up on my Facebook about an opportunity to try out the equipment in Manchester. It was safe to say the next free opportunity I had to travel, despite being the other side of the Pennines, I set my compass and bared West!!!
The moment I tried the equipment on, my brain was buzzing! As I absorbed all the information around me, before I’d even made my first move or fired the guns that were rendered exactly where my hands are; I knew I wanted one. The demo kit running the VIVE was a no expense spared piece of kit and it eclipsed the specification of my PC at home. Despite knowing my PC was sub-par, I made the purchase anyway…

Once I got the kit home I tore into the box like a child at Christmas. I began the process of setting the kit up, it was a little fiddly due to where I could fit the sensors in my room, but once that was done it was up and running in no time.
Knowing my PC was below specification didn’t deter me, the experience wasn’t as silky smooth as in the shop but the overall engagement was there. However, it was just one of those things that once you drive a Ferrari you want a Ferrari and the final decider came when I purchased Brookehaven it didn’t work. On my personal favourite game, Space Pirate Trainer, it would stutter and crash. Wanting my original experience, it spurred me on to get the highest specification PC and no expense was spared.

At home I have literally the minimum amount of space to run the equipment. It’s less than ideal but it’s an utterly amazing experience to be one minute in my room, then to be transported above the clouds standing on a space port or have my room turn into the battlements of a castle! Nothing comes close!
Although in the long run, I wanted to have more space, more freedom to explore. So I thought about how I could do this and that’s when I created VRX Lounge, as I believe I can deliver the VR experience to a wider audience.

Running my own business was always a dream, a pipe dream that seemed impossible. However, the HTC VIVE is something I really enjoy playing and enjoy watching people use and that’s the beauty of it for gamers and for non-gamers alike. Everyone whom I’ve shared this experience with has tried the kit and they are enthralled by it.
In the past, I personally felt like my gamer spirit had been KO’d because so many experiences felt the same, I was constantly searching for that game that would grip me. In a world of sequels and remakes it wasn’t the game it was the platform, Virtual Reality has gripped me like when I played Age of Empires, Command & Conquer, Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy VII/VIII, Tomb Raider, Halo and Gears of War. VR is the “Phoenix down” to my gaming spirit and I can’t wait for you to try it if you haven’t already!
As I mentioned earlier, Virtual Reality is a totally unique platform and it doesn’t matter how many pages I write to convince you of this technological marvel, seeing really is believing!
Come join me on Saturday 29th October at Snowzone Xscape, we’ll be there from 11am to 8pm and have a go yourself!

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