From the reactions of customers and the general vibe at the event, I feel it was a very successful day. With the support of friends (a massive thank you to all who helped) we managed to successfully run our first event!
Well the event in its self was to test the business model and its execution. On the day, I generally moved among the crowd watching, learning and questioning how things were setup. I want the next event to be even busier and to obtain the goal of getting VR to the masses, I need to effectively market the product. However, I also need a service which functions like a well-oiled engine.
Watching people experience the power of VR first hand and for the first time is amazing! We had a game on the day called Richie’s plank, the premise was simple; walk the scaffold board we had laid out on the floor. People would have a go without the Vive headset on and question what is the difficulty? I generally suffer from Vertigo especially when near cliff or building edges, I can tell you this game has a profound impact on your mind. The developer had added a neat little twist you can add donuts to the end of the plank, so I thought this is an ample opportunity to make the game even more fun walk to the end of the plank collect the donut and actually get a donut!
We had all groups and ages playing the game, watching children hesitate then fill with fear as they looked out the lift doors, their parents chuckling at the nonsensical fear, to only realise and face the same horror and try to cling for the lift doors! Grown men’s legs quaking as their brains issued signals that what you’re doing for a donut is insanity!
Some individuals really did get into Space Pirate it initiated their competitive nature and they just kept coming back for more. What I found strange was encouraging people to actually move, you are the controller in most games so when something tries to shoot you or you need to reach for something move either out of the way or towards it! I’m sure as more people try VR this will become instinctive!
We’re looking to schedule more events so watch this space!

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