Community Focus!

//Community Focus!

Hi everyone just a quick 5 minute read on what we have been up to and hopefully more things we will be doing in the future!

The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy we have entertained the local amateur Rugby League club Locklanes U9’s and U7’s at their end of season parties both evenings were fantastic and the kids were captivated by Virtual Reality gaming. I am hoping over the coming months to grow a stronger relationship with the local Rugby League teams in the area so if you are a manager of Amateur Rugby league club and want to know more about how small businesses and your Rugby clubs can work together then I would like to speak to you.

Other important events have taken place we attended a charity fund raiser for Leo on the 12th November at Cutsyke WMC, Leo suffers from Neuroblastoma. The day was a major success for the event organisers and I am thrilled they invited us to be part of it.

Friday’s have been an interesting day, for the past month we have been attending an art group in Huddersfield practising using the Virtual Reality as an art medium and see if it can act as therapy for those whom suffer from mental disabilities. I think it has been successful and I hope to delve deeper into this field with the equipment.

After School Groups are something I want to grow over the next few months.

Thanks for reading.
Tall Paul

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